ORF Parking Lot Assistance

Norfolk International Airport provides different options for parking at the airport area. All garages and lots are available within a short walking distance, from the Arrivals and Departures terminals. Parking garages have some restriction, more preciously, in Garage A, maximum height allowance is 8' 1",in Garages B and C - 6' 7"; Concerning the maximum length, vehicles cannot occupy more than one parking space.

In all parking garage, service response phones are provided. Also, parking security guards work every day, 24-hours. ORF parking provides security escort service and battery jump assistance between the parking facilities and terminals.

There are special ramps to accommodate wheelchairs. They are located at both short-term parking lots and long-term parking garages as well. Convenient parking spaces are allotted for the disabled, throughout all parking lots.

ORF Cell Phone Waiting Lot

ORF airport provides a cell phone waiting lot, for customers who have to pick-up arriving passengers from the airport. The minimum and maximum wait times are not available; The service is free, but drivers should remain in their vehicles until they receive a call.

ORF Short-term Metered Parking

Both parking areas of ORF airport, are available in Garage A.Short-term Metered Parking lot is located close to the North Lot. Each 10-minutes costs 0.25$.

ORF Short-term Parking

The short-term Parking lot is situated in the North and South Lots, and in Garage A. Each 30-minutes parking costs 1$, with a daily maximum of 24$. A maximum stay in this parking lot is allowed only for 30 days.

ORF Long-term Parking

The long-term parking lot is available in both Garages B and C. ORF Long-term parking for oversized vehicles is situated in the Long-Term East parking lot D.The maximum stay is allowed for 60 days. Each 30-minutes cost 1$, with a daily maximum of 9$.

ORF Parking Payment Options

Cashier and credit card self-service lanes are available at Norfolk International Airport. The service is open 24/7 and accepts cash and all major debit and credit cards.



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